Teak Services

Teak Cleaning: Our teak cleaning is done with a two part Cleaner & Brightener which will leave your teak with a crisp clean look.

Teak Sanding: We sand your decks, covering boards or any other natural teak surfaces and remove scratches and graying, giving all of your teak a “Brand New” look. We can caulk deck seams, cosmetic caulk lines around the perimeter edges and repair any cracks that may be in your woodwork using epoxies. We can also replace any damaged woodwork and apply the appropriate finish to match your boat.

Teak Oiling: After cleaning or sanding the application of a high quality teak oil will give your teak a brilliant luster and shine and protect it from the elements.

Teak and Woodwork Refinishing: Whether you are looking for a traditional varnish finish or an epoxy clear coat finish – we’re your go to guys. We have refinished marine woodwork on hundreds of boats and have a vast experience in woodwork maintenance. We start by protecting your boat prior to beginning work with covers. Your old finish is completely removed and all of your wood is sanded to a clean finish. We take care to repair any bad spots and apply desired amounts of the appropriate finish to the woodwork in the efficient manner leaving only flawless results with less labor.

Other than a perfect finishes you will never know we were aboard your boat: no drips, tape residue or refinishing dust will be left behind. We always clean up after our work! If you own a boat and have had woodwork refinished you know what we’re talking about.

Please keep in mind we can repair any pealing or burnt through spots in existing finishes and make them look new again.

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