Paint Services

Whether you need your entire boat repainted or just a scratch touched up, we will proficiently take care of all your paint project needs.

Our full vessel repaints are done with a proper application of the longest lasting paints, primers and fairing materials. All products are applied at above required thickness, at an efficient rate by trained and experienced technicians with the proper equipment resulting in a phenomenal looking and long lasting paint jobs that are reasonably priced.

If you are in need of a body repair prior to painting, we have a tremendous experience in cracks, delamination and rot repair using only the highest quality marine epoxies and epoxy components that lead to permanent repairs. When we repair your boat damaged areas they won’t come back, because we believe that if you don’t fix the problem area right, there’s no reason to waste your money repainting!

If you don’t need a full repaint our touch ups will get you right back to a standard you desire. We easily touch up scratches, repair cracks, chips and dings all over your boat and make them completely disappear by applying the correct type of finish and most importantly the right color. Our touch ups are always invisible.

We lay the most durable and attractive nonskid deck of varying textures to suit the boat, customer and use of a boat in any color you want.


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