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Here at All In One we have painted and repainted a tremendous number of boat bottoms over the 20 plus years we’ve been in business.

We can start fresh with a bottom that’s never been painted and determine the proper water line of the boat, sand, prime and paint your boat bottom with high quality materials, giving you a protected, marine growth free bottom.

We’re very knowledgeable about what’s necessary to properly apply an antifouling finish to fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood boat bottoms. We change out all of the zincs that need replacing, clean all through hull fittings, inspect all running gear and the bottom of the boat for water intrusion.

At the customer request we will repair anything that is in need of repair. If your boat powered by an out drive, outboard or jet drives, we have proven products that have been in the water for years to keep corrosion out of your aluminum propulsion systems and can keep the barnacles off them too. We prop speed running gear a lot, which is what we have found over the years to hold up best on underwater metal surfaces that have a strong water flow over them while under power.

We’re fully insured to have our in house USCG licensee captain transport your boat to a marina and have it hauled out for bottom services or if your boat is on the trailer we can pick it up and transport it to our shop for services.

Let us make your next bottom job effortless to you. We sell convenience.

 Jobs that coincide with bottom painting:

  • Cutlass bearing replacement (if necessary)
  • Zinc replacement
  • Out drive oil change
  • Hull compounding and waxing
  • Waterline stain removal
  • Through hull valve cleaning and lubrication

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